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O.Excellent Logistics Limited allow you to complete the supply chain, cargo transit and offers truly door transportation service in the freight industry. Our optimized transportation translates to fast transit service and the door to door delivery of your freight on time, safely transported and damage free.

O.Excellent Logistics Limited can customize and design door delivery solutions to transport your freight at the speed and ease. We can combine the economy of rail transport with road transport handling for seamless door-to-door service and savings. Whether your freight requires rail transport or road transportation service, door-to-door transport, coast-to-coast transport or cross-border transportation, O.Excellent Logistics Limited is the solution.

We do the following door delivery services;

We offer truly and simple style of door-to-door transportation service in the market.

Our In-house customs brokerage process the required paperwork for customs clearing process and immediate transportation.

Eliminates unnecessary customs delays, transport dispatch and improves communication between the shipping line, customs,   client and our transport department.

Provides greater control, handling and security of your freight transportation.

Customer receives a single itemized invoice for door-to-door transportation eliminating additional administrative   requirements.